What We Do

Early development

Our early development program focuses on teaching young children ages 2-3. We cover a variety of skills, primarily in English including reading storybooks, singing, speaking, and teaching basic fundamental concepts such as handwriting, numbers, colors, and vocabulary.


In our preschool program, we work with children ages 4-5 to develop a variety of skills including handwriting, understanding numbers, learning colors, and expanding their vocabulary. We also include activities such as reading stories in English to improve listening and comprehension.

English Classes

Our English classes are taught by a professional English teacher and supported by volunteers who act as teacher assistants. In addition to learning the English language, our classes aim to provide cultural enrichment and help children develop important skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. These skills serve as a foundation for success in a variety of fields and can help children adapt to new environments and challenges as they navigate their future.

Learning About Me

Our preteen weekly discussion group aims to help build self-esteem and optimism for their futures. We seek to present techniques for them to engage with one another, promote a suppotive environment, and develop a sense of community. This program's objective is to inspire them to support and empower one another as they navigate challenges in this stage of their lives.

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